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Matthew Weiss details some tips for mixing the low end in a song.  He explains that he thinks people have trouble with the low end, mainly, because it is harder to hear.  With the article, you'll be able to read over Weiss' Do's and Don'ts while managing the low end.

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Matthew Weiss

George Howard writes a list of som of the most important legal cases that are shaping the future of the music business.

These lawsuits, between record labels, distributors, and even artists like the Beastie Boys and N.W.A., involve many forms of copyright discrepancy, like sampling, broadcasting, and piracy.

Read the article: It's Not Stealing, It's Sharing

George Howard

Paul Resnikoff of
writes that the music industry is constantly ignoring reality, and always on the the lookout for its new savior, only to be brutally disappointed almost every time.

"It's as if there's one magic pill that will return everything to some fantastically-great past or utopian future, and make musicians happy and paid in the process.  And, Along the way, revalue decimated copytights, make people appreciate and pay for the music they enjoy, and move fans beyond mass-media bubble gum."

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Paul Resnikoff

The DSP Project produced a video review of TC Electronic's BMC-2.

Here is the intro:

The BMC-2 is a monitor controller and DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) with a headphone output rolled up into one neat desktop unit. I decided to test it out against the standard DAC in an edirol UA-101 interface and the considerably more expensive DAC in the Prism Orpheus to see what it could do.

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Home Music Gear Podcast 012

This episode of the podcast discusses basic cables found in the recording studio.

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Musician's Cooler Podcast
September 3rd, 2011

Topics include:
  • Taking advantage of cancellations
  • Production file-sharing
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Sound On Sound Podcast 040
September 2011

Topics include:
  • Highlights from the September issue of the SOS magazine
  • Gear reviews
  • Using downwards expansion, high-pass filtering, or transient designers to 'dry up' a live-sounding acoustic drumkit recording
  • Using microphones in line-in inputs
  • Fingerprint EQ's
  • What happens when you turn monitoring speakers on the side, or upside down

Listen to the podcast here:

Pensado's Place Episode 34

Topics include:
  • Getting started on a mix
  • Interview with Greg Wells
  • Mixer's block
AudioNowcast #108

Topics include:
  • Spotify's subscription model
  • Studio mixing and engineering ergonomics
  • Styles of mixing, including mouse vs. fader

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