If there's one thing audiophiles hate, it's dumbed-down digitizations. And that's code for things like MP3s and iTunes, whose compressions are deemed sub-optimal for those seeking the true essence of sound. Or, too tinny when compared to the warm glow of vinyl.

But what about specially mastering something for iTunes, instead of watering it down or otherwise converting it?  In that light, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Warner Bros. Records and producer Rick Rubin are now delivering "the first rock album specially mastered to optimize digital sound quality for iTunes Store customers."  That is part of a broader exclusive with Apple that involved a pre-release album stream (the album, I'm With You, hits on August 30th).

Read the full artcile by Paul Resnikoff on digitalmusicnews.com


Pensado's Place #33

Topics include:
  • De-essing 101, using two de-esser plugins to fine tune
  • Interview with David Kutch - Mastering Engineer (Mastering Palace in New York, Outkast, Alicia Keys)
  • Philosopy of mastering for smaller and consumer grade listening situations
  • Getting solid low-end
  • Loudness Wars: Losing dynamic of a mix makes it sound smaller.  Are the loudness wars over?
  • "Trust your ears," close your eyes and listen.
  • A mastering engineer facilitates a "second opinion"

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