Matthew Weiss details some tips for mixing the low end in a song.  He explains that he thinks people have trouble with the low end, mainly, because it is harder to hear.  With the article, you'll be able to read over Weiss' Do's and Don'ts while managing the low end.

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Matthew Weiss

Sound On Sound Podcast 040
September 2011

Topics include:
  • Highlights from the September issue of the SOS magazine
  • Gear reviews
  • Using downwards expansion, high-pass filtering, or transient designers to 'dry up' a live-sounding acoustic drumkit recording
  • Using microphones in line-in inputs
  • Fingerprint EQ's
  • What happens when you turn monitoring speakers on the side, or upside down

Listen to the podcast here:

Pensado's Place Episode 34

Topics include:
  • Getting started on a mix
  • Interview with Greg Wells
  • Mixer's block
AudioNowcast #108

Topics include:
  • Spotify's subscription model
  • Studio mixing and engineering ergonomics
  • Styles of mixing, including mouse vs. fader

Listen to the podcast on nowcastnetwork.com: