Paul Resnikoff of digitalmusicnews.com
writes that the music industry is constantly ignoring reality, and always on the the lookout for its new savior, only to be brutally disappointed almost every time.

"It's as if there's one magic pill that will return everything to some fantastically-great past or utopian future, and make musicians happy and paid in the process.  And, Along the way, revalue decimated copytights, make people appreciate and pay for the music they enjoy, and move fans beyond mass-media bubble gum."

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Paul Resnikoff

Home Music Gear Podcast 012

This episode of the podcast discusses basic cables found in the recording studio.

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Musician's Cooler Podcast
September 3rd, 2011

Topics include:
  • Taking advantage of cancellations
  • Production file-sharing
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Sound On Sound Podcast 040
September 2011

Topics include:
  • Highlights from the September issue of the SOS magazine
  • Gear reviews
  • Using downwards expansion, high-pass filtering, or transient designers to 'dry up' a live-sounding acoustic drumkit recording
  • Using microphones in line-in inputs
  • Fingerprint EQ's
  • What happens when you turn monitoring speakers on the side, or upside down

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Sonic Talk #232

Topics include:
  • Classic Guitar Synthesizers
  • Public and free online DAW and Synthesizer
  • White, pink, brown, purple and red noise
  • Torturous instrument sampling

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The Home Recording Show Episode 131

With guests Travis Jay and Sydney Galbraith.

Topics include:
  • Room acoustics
  • Reaper 4: A discussion on the DAW's history and features that depresses Pro-Tools users
  • Studio finance and snack management

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On October 6 and 7, 2011, Digital Media Wire will host their 7th Annual Digital Music Forum West, where 300+ of the most influential music and digital media leaders gather in the heart of Hollywood to socialize, share ideas, do deals and learn about new technologies and services.

When Facebook nudged MySpace out as the social-media leader, it left the latter site with one strong suit: music. Indeed, as recently as this week, Al Dejewski, MySpace's senior vice president of global marketing, informed AdAge that the site will increase its focus on music -- attempting to compete with iTunes and Spotifys of the world, even bringing on Justin Timberlake with an office and a staff of six.

Well if MySpace wants to enter business against Spotify and Pandora, it may have a problem.

Now it appears Facebook wants to go into business with those services.

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Sonic Talk Podcast
Episode 230

This is a special Sonic Talk episode where they interview musician, arranger, programmer, producer, and recording engineer, Matt Robertson, who is currently working as Musical Director on Bjork's Biophillia tour.

Topics include:
  • Time and workflow management
  • Controlling live sound design and problem solving for the stage
  • Custom built electronic and acoustic instruments
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Björk's Biophillia show Live reaction

Sales of cars with Internet radio will zoom up by more than 14,000 percent in the eight years following 2010, according to new research from IHS iSuppli. It forecasts that 24 million cars will have Internet radio built in to their dashboards in 2018, with almost half of them (10.9 million) in the United States.

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Photo by flickr user dsearls, used under Creative Commons license