Ronan Chris Murphy has worked as a music producer/engineer/mixer (King Crimson, Tool, Ulver, Wilco) for over twenty years.  He will be leading a workshop called, "Mastering for the Home Studio" on August 6th, 2011, at Chuck Levin's: Washington Music Center.

Here's the pitch:

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to send off their tracks to a high-end mastering facility with a dedicated mastering engineer to put the final polish on their tracks. But with changes in budgets, work flow and even the ways and reasons people record music, more and more home or small studio owners find themselves needing to handle “mastering” duties themselves.

“Mastering for the Home Studio” is a workshop created by Ronan Chris Murphy to give small studio owners a better understanding of the mastering process, and strategies to do better “home brew” mastering in any studio situation. This intense session of Mastering Boot Camp™, dives into understanding the tools of mastering, how they apply to the mastering process and strategies for using both high end analog hardware as well as inexpensive plug-ins to get the best results from your studio.

The “loudness war” is also discussed in detail, but from an unbiased perspective, demonstrating the pros and cons of loud masters, and tricks for making loud masters sound the best they can if you want your masters to have the loudness of current levels.

For more info visit the event page here.



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