One of the best things about going to live shows put on by touring bands is having the opportunity to purchase music directly from the artist. One of the best things about having an album in your hand of the band of whose performance you are witnessing in the flesh is that you can stare at the artwork and let it marry the sound. This worked exceptionally well at this Tomahawk concert. Then you get to listen to the album during your car ride home. What a treat!
I noticed that all of us Mike Patton fans at the show look pretty similar. The rest of the attendees wearing thick black framed glasses I assume were Dinosaur Jr. fans.


Recorded using a Tascam DR-40 with its internal mics at 16-bit 44.1 wav. Mixed and rendered with Reaper, and uploaded at 320 kbps mp3.


Anchor Steam - Anchor Brewing; San Francisco, CA
Dark Star Stout - Star Hill Brewing; Crozet, VA (draught)
Band commissioned show poster by Dan Grzeca