It's been over a year since I posted the last Switching Title recording. I'm not making any excuses. I like that I took so long, because the struggle of knowing how to finish and publish the thoughts brought me to a few more realizations, which sum up to: Moment by moment an idea can evolve. It may read or sound the same at any given point in eternity. But there is the chance that it could be different in those same instances. Bam!

Read more about it, or listen here: Switching Title - Ketchup
The twelfth episode of the Flowing With Famous Podcast is posted where you can hear some great folks from my hometown talk about things important to the central valley of California, and I know you're interested in what the hell is going on there. Some people call it the air pollution toilet bowl of California, or the bible belt of California, and even the agricultural capitol of the world. It spawned me, and I miss it sometimes. See you in two weeks Fresno!

This episode features:
  • Producer Becky from the only comedy podcast I listen to - Dorktown
  • Fresno's love for country music
  • The town's everlasting saga of restaurant and venue closings and re-openings
  • Band of the episode: Light Thieves

Check it out HERE.