Yep. We talk about the Fulton Mall again. Also: Luftenburg's move, the attempt to alter Fresno's 2035 General Plan, Fresno Covers Fresno album, Mark Scott slipping away, Fresno's closeness to it all and more!

Here is Episode 17 of Flowing With Famous.

*Hosts: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay. Audio editing by Reid May.

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Made connections lead me to a new venue. A house venue called The Cellar Door in Annandale, VA. Haven't been to a house show in long time. All four bands - Pigeon Down (ex-members of Left Unsaide, VA???), Slow Mover (Boston),Hulk Smash (Philadelphia), and Gradius (Annandale) - played well and were very friendly to me as an outsider. Everyone else I talked to at the show was classy. A great experience. AND... I got a "chainsaw through the head" shirt from Slow Mover !!!!!!

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Because of a recent post on facebook by a rabid fan, I finally got the kick in the pants I needed to complete this task of once and for all compiling, remastering, and releasing all of the Mehreideran recordings I have. If you are unfamiliar with Mehreideran, don't feel alone. We recorded music and performed sporadically in Fresno, CA in 2005 and 2006. We, being myself, Reid May (Trumpet Solo, Air Fresno, Time Phobia, Magic Whores, Pendulum, Soiled Doves), Greer McGettrick (The Mallard, Rademacher), and Mehran Herd, a.k.a. Eatcho. With tons of improvising, wildness, and weirdness, these recordings showcase our little slice of expression in the local music scene. For reasons I need to explore further before I rant on them too much here, it seemed like a sort of renaissance time in that town.

So within Mehreideran - As Seen On MySpace are all the digital and biological memories I have. If anyone reading this has anything to add to the archive, contact me: sweetsearecords[at]gmail.com.


Ode to thee, oh hometown! Oh, how glad I am to not be enduring thine immense heat wave!

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