Old friends, new friends, CD acquisitions, and the Galaxy Hut stage's backdrop view of the sidewalk, where unassuming passer-by's would slow their gaits and twist their necks to stare at the two high-energy performing bands. These are a few of my favorite things, and they all happened last night at the Treble Lifter and Atlas At Last concert in Arlington, VA.

For sounds and more details swing by the Bootleger's Delight page and check out post #7.
I finally stopped slacking and posted the latest Bootlegger's Delight with the legendary Nile, who played at Empire in Springfield earlier this month. There's some funny crowd talking captured between the band's songs, so get into it.
The latest MMORPG episode was just posted. Make sure to check it out, especially if you've ever wanted to watch 4 brothers trash talk each other while they review their mix CD's, as well as make Monty Python references in a sometimes shabbily produced videocast. Head over to the May Brothers Digest for more episodes and ways to subscribe.

Make sure to check out the May Brothers' music review video-podcast MMORPG (May Music Online Review Podcast Gibs). As far as production goes, it's pretty rough, but they have a good time and review songs from their quarterly mix cd's they send to each other. The video of their second official episode 2 L8 4 LUV was just posted on the May Brothers Digest blog, and it should also be showing up in the iTunes directory and on Stitcher for your listening pleasure.

I ventured dangerously close to the outsides of constant mosh-pits to record this show. All four bands were great. Goatwhore was especially killer, so I picked up their new album, Blood For The Master (Metal Blade), which I've found to be one of the best albums of 2012.

Great bands, great venue. What more can you ask? Check out the latest installment of Bootlegger's Delight here:


There are a few new projects I've been working on. First, I'm back working with the Flowing With Famous podcast. Two journalists record themselves talking about Fresno, California, my hometown. I sweeten the audio and add sound effects and music. Please check out our efforts on FlowingWithFamous.podbean.com page and subscribe, if you can.

The second project is a blog where I've been posting bootlegs from concerts I've attended. You can listen to the music and check out the show posters, photos, and other details I gather. Visit the Bootlegger's Delight blog at http://www.sweetsearecords.com/bootleggers-delight.html.
If you haven't done it yet, check out Reid's fiction and commentary blog switchingtitle.blogspot.com.  He just posted a new one yesterday about a working woman in a man's world.  Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast.
After many recent episodes of using Trumpet Solo's "Hard Working Economy" as the intro song on the Dorktown Podcast, they have finally seized.  Hearing the hosts' cries for a new theme song, Reid composed and recorded one, just for them.  Check it out on the latest Dorktown Podcast, Episode 108.
An Amazon.com seller from Austria is selling two copies of Trumpet Solo's album "2010".  How did they get out there, I wonder?
Jefferson Beavers gives shout outs to a few Sweet Sea albums from last year.  Check out the list and read his other Rewind 2011 lists at jeffersonbeavers.com.

Happy New Year!